Proceedix® digital work instructions and inspections for the mobile connected worker

Smoother inspections, reduced reworks, improved process excellence and full traceability

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Smoother inspections, reduced reworks, cost savings


instruction/inspection execution efficiency improvement


reduction of quality related rework and waste


decrease of administration time and cost


work execution compliance and traceability

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The era of the connected workforce

Easily manage and digitize enterprise procedures, work instructions and inspections.

The true value of Proceedix®

Our SaaS platform makes it possible to easily digitize, manage, and execute your enterprise work instructions and inspections. With mobile and digital step-by-step guidance, workers can do their jobs first-time-right, efficiently, and fully compliant.


Everything in one place

Workers no longer need to walk around with multiple manuals, SOP’s, or paper documents. On the app, your operators can consult and execute all your manufacturing procedures and inspection workflows in one place.

proceedix connected worker workflow tablet

Instant, two-way feedback

Paper is unresponsive and cannot prevent or correct mistakes, such as incorrect values entered. With a workflow-based connected worker solution, there are numerous ways to circumvent this problem, such as easily embedded input controls, tolerance limits, input validations, conditional logic, and more. Additionally, workers are enabled to provide feedback or document observations on any task.

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Always the right version

Operators only have access to one version of a workflow. Version Control automatically ensures that once a version is published on the admin portal, every connected worker in the company is on the same version. No more mistakes from outdated or different versions used at the same time in different plants.

proceed connected worker history traceability software

Full traceability of all execution details

All execution data – from any workflow or inspection – is automatically stored in real-time. Execution data can be contextualized at an individual level for compliance reasons, or at an aggregated level for continuous improvement reasons, efficiency metrics, or any other KPI you desire.

proceedix connected worker software

Enrich instructions and inspections with media

Plain text can be ineffective in transmitting information. In some instances, images or videos are more appropriate  communication formats providing better context or details. Operators of all ages will benefit from the inherent appeal of images and video.

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proceedix connected worker workflow tablet
proceedix connected worker pc mobile
proceed connected worker history traceability software
proceedix connected worker software

Proceedix®: designed to meet the needs and complexity of today’s manufacturing operations

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