The Era of the Connected Worker

Easily manage and digitize enterprise procedures, work instructions and inspections.


Today's Challenges

Workforce Skills Gap

Attracting and retaining workers in manufacturing and processing industries has been challenging for decades and became even more problematic during the pandemic. Workers leave the company, and undocumented knowledge leaves with them. A connected worker solution creates a digital, shared knowledge base and makes training of new or inexperienced workers easier and faster.

Workforce Mobility

Many frontline workers work in the field, at a customer site, or in remote locations. They often feel disconnected from the company and must rely on paper-based manuals or their own experience to fix complex problems in the field or on the shop floor. Equipping operators with mobile devices and step-by-step guided workflows are two of the essential foundations to improve workforce mobility and operational excellence.

Asset Complexity

Machines, tooling, operators, and information form an integrated set that must be coordinated to make a product. These interactions increase in a globalized market that demands a higher product variety. Connected worker technology helps operators by providing the correct information at the right moment in the proper format, to make the right decision and take the right action. Digital instructions can be customized to the most complex manufacturing environments.


Manufacturing compliance is essential to ensure companies meet operational standards and comply with technical, legal, and corporate requirements, regulations, and practices. A connected worker platform easily translates this set of procedures into digital workflows, so the execution on the floor is logged automatically in the cloud without extra administration, thereby ensuring compliance.

Proceedix: Using Mobile Technology to Connect Workers Online & Offline

Benefits of Integration

With our robust web services API and expert professional services, you can easily integrate our platform with your other third-party applications like ERP, QMS, other enterprise systems, databases, and mail services.

  • No silos, effortless information sharing across platforms
  • Faster than developing custom integrations
  • Reduced burden on IT resources
  • More comprehensive data for better decision making

Platform Architecture

Outcomes / Real Impact


reduction of quality related rework and waste


decrease of administration time and cost


improvement of execution efficiency and process excellence


work execution compliance and tracebility


Connected Worker Successes

SymphonyAI Industrial - Asset Performance Management
SymphonyAI Industrial - Asset Performance Management
SymphonyAI Industrial - Asset Performance Management
SymphonyAI Industrial - Asset Performance Management

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