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Digital Workflow Platform for Inspections

Inspect 360

Take plant and equipment inspections and CAPA to new levels of completeness and speed to improve OEE and safety while reducing unplanned downtime. Inspect 360 from Proceedix allows you to change the game and get ahead of today’s line operations challenges.

Proceedix peforms the following:

  • logs and traces every step on mobile and wearable devices via a Digital Inspection and Work Instruction Platform
  • provides guided step by step instructions for front-line workers in clear and snackable language that matches their real workflows
  • gives workers a higher degree of autonomy and confidence that procedures are executed properly the first time
  • presents procedures in context to workers given their time on the job and level of skill

A Digital Workflow Platform

Top Proceedix Platform Features

  • No Code Workflow Engine – allows anyone to create and maintain procedures
  • Action Management – allows a worker to launch workflows to other teams
  • Dynamic Procedures – present the correct procedure based on worker input
  • Complex Workflows – create conditional paths, subprocesses and iterative tasks
  • End user context – provide more guidance or less depending on worker tenure and skill
  • Full Logging & Traceability – instantly report on any procedure execution details
  • Offline First – work without connectivity and uplink procedure executions when back online
  • Device Agnostic – deploy mobile phones, tablets, computers and smart glasses
  • Deployment Agnostic – run on Proceedix SaaS, Private Azure on on-prem
  • SOC II Type 2 – protect your critical execution data with a highly secure platform
  • Web Services API – readily integrate with your manufacturing systems i.e., ERP, MES etc.
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