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MOM 360™: Value First

Start simple, deliver value, scale quickly

Operational in 90 Days

While traditional MES/MOM platforms can take months or years to begin delivering benefits, the composable architecture of MOM 360 enables agile and focused workflow deployments that don’t disrupt your existing systems and processes.

Work with the industry-experienced solutions team at SymphonyAI Industrial to build and deploy your first application in under 90 days.

2022 is the year to change: Contact your account representative to get started.

  • Assemble a small, agile cross-functional team
  • Define a meaningful use case and determine success criteria
  • Compose the first MOM 360 solution
  • Deploy to your site, then evaluate for multi-site/multi-line expansion
30-60-90 Value Plan:
Assemble | Define | Compose | Deploy