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SymphonyAI Industrial launches Enterprise Management for MOM 360™

January 18, 2023

SymphonyAI Industrial launches Enterprise Management for MOM 360™
The web-based application management system enables collaboration between enterprise IT teams
and plant operation teams to optimize deployment

Woburn, MA – January 18, 2023 – SymphonyAI Industrial, a SymphonyAI vertical, announced today the first
release of Enterprise Management (EM), a web-based application management solution for its AI-embedded
MOM 360 manufacturing operations platform. Two major existing SymphonyAI Industrial customers have
already begun implementing EM into their operations, and further deployments are underway.

MOM 360, launched in May, is a software-only manufacturing execution system designed to help companies
achieve data-driven process optimization goals at an enterprise level. EM is a highly scalable event-based
system that expands MOM 360’s capabilities by enabling a manufacturer’s information technology and
operational technology departments to deploy, upgrade, track, and monitor components through a single portal.

“As manufacturers continue to fight the war for talent, the user experience of front-line workers has
quickly become a paramount issue,” said Matthew Littlefield, CEO of LNS Research. “Tools like Enterprise
Management from SymphonyAI allow IT and OT leaders to much more easily understand the performance of
mission-critical applications and proactively take steps to ensure effective and reliable software performance.”

“Enterprise Management enables our customer’s IT teams to manage our platform with increased efficiency by
providing a multi-plant view in a single control center and system notifications that facilitate proactive
responding times,” said Barry Johnson, president of SymphonyAI Industrial’s Digital Manufacturing division.
“The EM capability offers significant ROI because it allows teams to manage components via a single screen.
For our customers who have deployed our platform at hundreds of plants, the efficiencies and ROI are

The complete suite of EM application features includes:

Application Traceability – Allows any user to view, compare, or perform advanced searches on configuration
Health Monitoring – Monitors and collects system health from remote nodes across the enterprise
Deployment and Upgrade – Helps plan and schedule deployments across plants through a dashboard
that displays key metrics about a customer’s site throughput

As the first of three releases, this initial rollout covers the upgrade tools and application asset tracking
features of EM.

“The automated notification mechanism with identified root cause and suggested corrective action will enable
IT and OT administrators to proactively manage resources without disruptions, effectively, playing the role
of a ‘digital worker for IT administrators’,” said Srinivas Kuppa, chief strategy officer for SymphonyAI
Industrial. “A digital worker will equip administrators with information, empowering them to make better,
more preemptive decisions and, in turn, allowing them to streamline operations and improve productivity.”

About SymphonyAI Industrial
SymphonyAI Industrial, a SymphonyAI vertical, is an innovator in industrial insight, accelerating autonomous plant
operations. The industry-leading Eureka AI/IoT platform and industrial optimization solutions connect tens of
thousands of assets and workflows in manufacturing plants globally and process billions of data points daily,
pushing new plateaus in operational intelligence.

• Digital manufacturing composable enterprise MOM/MES solutions can be operational in 90 days to connect
devices, processes, people, and systems with harmonizing plant automation and control.
• Plant performance applications span asset predictive maintenance and process health and optimization,
maintaining high availability of equipment, extending the life of capital assets, and reducing process variability.
• Connected worker solutions mobilize people to handle complex processes with human-driven procedure and
instruction support, using a combination of glasses, smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

SymphonyAI Industrial solutions provide high value to users by driving variability out of processes and optimizing
operations for throughput, yield, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

About SymphonyAI
SymphonyAI is building the leading enterprise AI company for digital transformation across the most important
and resilient growth industries, including retail, consumer packaged goods, financial services, manufacturing,
media, and IT service management. SymphonyAI businesses have many leading enterprises as clients in each of
these industries. Since its founding in 2017, SymphonyAI has grown rapidly, approaching 2,000 talented leaders,
data scientists, and other professionals. SymphonyAI is an SAIGroup company, backed by a $1 billion commitment
from successful entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr. Romesh Wadhwani.

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