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Cloud Web Developer

Senior (Product Development)

Full-Time | Bangalore, India


The Cloud Wed Developer – Senior (CWDS) will apply strong engineering skills as part of an agile development team to design and develop software platforms for complex, distributed Manufacturing Systems.  In addition to designing and creating software, the CWDS will use their coding skills, do front-end development, look at problem of various size and determine a solution.

Essential Functions

Work on Savigent’s existing software to correct errors and/or improve overall performance

Analyze, develop, and integrate changes into existing applications

Follow a test-first development approach where automation testing your development is a priority

Participate in code reviews and collaborate with team members

Ensure a solid understanding of Savigent’s products in order to develop solutions for customers

Assist with project deliverables and ensure they are aligned to Savigent’s “Definition of Done” (pass all acceptance criteria, validated by automated regression, and be performant, stable, tested and standards compliant).”

Participate in customer and stakeholder meetings to ensure one’s understanding of the requirements to be developed

Follow Savigent’s Agile Product Development practices and help optimize our processes through feedback

Participate in building an industry-leading, IIOT platform

Actively assist in the development of systems that improve quality, delivery performance, and increase efficiency

Work on small to medium size projects that are critical to Savigent’s product roadmap, working to meet deadlines and deliverables

Creates and protects Savigent’s intellectual property

Strictly adheres to Savigent’s policies surrounding confidential and privacy issues of Savigent and its customers

Design and develop systems that improve quality, delivery performance, and increase efficiency.

Work with CTO and company leadership to understand the product roadmap

Key focus development area(s) include the support of development and design of multi-tenant web application(s).

Influence design and development of new solutions that enhance the overall delivery and user experience of Savigent products.

Recognize, articulate and mentor peers on the use of, and implement patterns and best practices in accordance with industry standards.

Participate in troubleshooting and resolution of customer related issues.

Delivers quality products by applying patterns, best practices, industry standards; unit testing; creating innovative solutions; fixing bugs; and supporting released products

Packages and delivers enterprise applications in accordance with industry trends.

Work with Leadership on changes to the product roadmap

Participates and influence conversations during team meetings; backlog refinement, planning, iteration reviews and retrospectives

Evangelize standards and best practices for the organization, and identify key metrics for analysis of solutions

Mentor and assist in the technical development of peers

Assists team with technical documentation of features

Assists team to define test scenarios of features

Participate and/or lead in-house learning and training sessions.

Analyze existing processes, tools, technologies, and solutions and share ideas for improving development practices, team effectiveness, and product.

Research of development platforms, hosting platforms and external tools as necessary to meet development objectives

Interaction/liaison with Savigent’s Architecture Staff, sales and other key functions on product development, enhancements and forward-looking needs

Participate, influence, or lead industry groups, blogs, external teams on processes, tools, technologies and/or solutions


Minimum Requirements

BS in Computer Science, IT, Engineering. MCA preferred

7+ years in demonstrated software development experience with mindset of developing products

Experience with Blazor WebAssembly and familiarity with C# code base with experience in .Net Core 5.0

Proficiency in front-end development frameworks and Progressive Web App (e.g. Angular, React, ASP.Net MVC)

Profiency with JavaScript and Boostrap

Experience with open-source UI Component libraries, e.g. Radzen, Monaco, GoJS, etc.

Experience with HTML5, CSS3, SASS and other scripting styling preprocessors

Experience partnering with UX resources

Experience with local git and integration with GitHub

Proficiency with web development and deployment on Azure and AWS

Proficiency with HTTP Authentication and Authorization (i.e. token-based authentication, OAuth)

Proficiency in Web Security using OWASP standards

Experience with front-end testing frameworks

Experience with DevOps capabilities, i.e automated testing, continuous integration, continuous delivery

Experience working with Agile team with hands-on CI/CD for Azure Web Apps and containers

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Ability to work independently but with a collaborative team

Strong oral and written communication skills

Experience contributing, integrating and driving process improvements

Ability to meet objectives, timelines and work with little to no supervision


Accountability – Takes the highest level of ownership; emphasizes reliability and personal obligation. Isn’t afraid to own his or her mistakes and learn from them; accepts responsibilities and works to do his or her part to the best of his or her abilities to achieve the desired outcome.

Analytical – Synthesizes complex or diverse information and can relay the information in a manner others can understand; Collects and researches data; Uses intuition and experience to complement data; Designs work flows and procedures; Doesn’t overthink things.

Creativity – Uses imagination and/or creative thought process to produce innovative ideas and value-added results in the workplace.

Design – Generates creative solutions; Translates concepts and information into images, clearly explaining thought process and desired outcomes.  Listens and uses feedback to modify designs; Applies solid design principles, demonstrating attention to detail with minimal follow up needed.

Functional/Technical Skills – Demonstrates and successfully executes the knowledge, skill, and/or abilities needed to successfully fulfill the required tasks, duties or responsibilities.

Presentation Skills – Ability to create and deliver effective and engaging presentations to a variety of audiences both inside and outside the organization; Can manage and shift style if something isn’t working; Knows material and can ward off and effectively manage hot and difficult topics.

Problem Solving – Ability to understand what the goal of the problem is; Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner; Gathers and analyzes information skillfully; Develops alternative solutions; Works well in group problem solving situations; Uses reason even when dealing with emotional topics.   Can see beyond the obvious and doesn’t always stop at the first answer knowing that probing may result in even better outcomes.

Strategic Thinking – Proficient; Utilizes knowledge of industry and market trends to develop long-term strategies based on the company’s vision and mission; Ability to create business plans, modify and course correct based on changing conditions;  Understands organization’s strengths & weaknesses; Analyzes market and competition; Identifies external threats and opportunities to the achievement of the company goals and objectives.