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UI Developer

Full-Time | Bangalore, India

About SymphonyAI Industrial

For 50+ years, SymphonyAI Industrial have been innovators of industrial insight – from machine component health to plant performance optimization. This has been enabled by a talented and rapidly growing team of deep domain experts in process industries, discrete manufacturing, IIoT, and artificial intelligence.

Key Responsibilities

The UI developer of the Symphony Industrial IoT platform will design and develop User Interfaces which will be adopted by our customers to visualize their data from the Industrial IoT enterprise SaaS applications.

You will be responsible for the development of the customer facing User Interface (UI) of the Symphony Industrial IoT platform.

You will independently program specific modules of the UI and be responsible for the standards, ease of interaction, performance and maintenance of the UI suite of applications.

Key differentiators:

  • The front-end applications will be used by the customers to monitor specific industrial systems and the contributions of the UI developer will be extremely critical to ensure the success of the organization.
  • The front-end applications will be demonstrated to potential customers / CXOs by the sales team to obtain and convert potential leads.
  • The front-end applications will demonstrate the platform capabilities and the work done by the UI developer will give us the leverage to position our product competitively to potential customers.
  • A motivated developer who is willing to come up with ideas and has the flexibility to strategically design and develop the interfaces by being outward / customer focused will succeed in this role.

Requirements and preferred skills:

  • 3+ years of JavaScript programming on the server or client
  • 2+ years of AngularJS or ReactJS, preference given to later versions
  • Familiarity with SPA (single-page application) approaches to application development
  • Familiarity with responsive UIs and mobile application development is a plus
  • Experience programming to a micro services paradigm a plus, particularly if it’s in a Docker/Kubernetes environment
  • Must be of the opinion that untested code is unfinished code
  • Needs to be someone who can work well in person as well as remotely
  • Should be willing to hit the ground running
  • Must work well in an academic/engineering culture where ideas are evaluated solely on their own merits

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