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Data Integrations

for MOM 360™ Platform

Low-Code Integration Ecosystem

The MOM 360 software platform provides easy integration with back-office enterprise systems and manufacturing floor assets:

  • Low-code integration ecosystem
  • Easy-to-automate business processes
  • Readily deployable connector library
  • Specialized for manufacturing operations

Platform Benefits


Faster than custom integrations


Required MOM connectors available out of the box


Reduced burden on IT resources


Improved data availability for analysis


Enabling Architecture for MOM 360

MOM 360™ is powered by a microservices architecture connected by a high-speed service bus to provide robust, reliable, low latency operations that are required for manufacturing mission control systems.
(Click on diagram below for details)

Enabling Architecture for MOM 360

Connectivity Toolkit

Service Bus

Workflow Engine

Stream Analytics

Connected Worker

EurekaAI Platform


Connectivity Toolkit

The Connectivity Toolkit gives operations managers access to assets, sensors, equipment, and other industrial data sources using industrial protocols such as Ethernet/IP, OPC UA, Modbus etc., as well as Enterprise Systems such as various ERP Systems (Oracle, Infor, SAP etc.), Design systems (PLM) as well as Planning and Supply Chain Systems.

Service Bus

This data is transmitted via the high-speed Service Bus to other components of the platform for consumption and action.

Workflow Engine

One such consumer is the Workflow Engine which houses the definitions of the end-to-end manufacturing flows. Via a workflow engine, operations managers can ensure that the various systems, assets and operators can orchestrate a manufacturing process end to end.

Stream Analytics

Another consumer of information is the Stream Analytics Engine which listens to patterns of data to proactively alert operations teams about exception conditions that need attention.

Connected Worker

The Connected Worker app is also engaged when operators need to perform activities on the shop floor away from connected terminals. Using either a tablet or a wearable device, operators can perform inspection activities and execute maintenance requests in a efficient and auditable format.    Learn More

EurekaAI Platform

Utilizing the Eureka AI Platform, operators and plant managers gain insights and get predictive and prescriptive advisories for improved asset health, process optimization and operational excellence.     Learn More


All manufacturing operations and actions performed are recorded in our Historian and are available for analysis and shared learnings for the future.

Low-Code Library

200+ Processes

  • Production
  • Performance
  • Quality Execution
  • Shipping / Receiving
  • Storage / Inventory


  • Enterprise Systems (OSI Pi, SAP, Maximo, etc.)
  • PLC/SCADA (Rockwell, Siemens, ABB, etc.)
  • Sensors (Modbus, Ethernet/IP, REST)


  • Drag and drop “integration recipes”
  • Configure system connection parameters to get started

Integration Scenarios

  • Containers for dynamic process
  • Databases: Streams, AQL, File, Document
  • Math & Statistics: Converters, Calculators, Result Sets
  • Services: Concurrent provider, REST API engine
  • Analytics: Resource monitoring
  • B2MML: Message2Object, Object2Message
  • Communication: FTP, MQTT, TCP, UDP, OPC client, OPC UA, OPS scripter, Serial, TIBCO
  • File Systems: File read/write, Encrypted file read/write, File management, Ring buffer
  • Open Protocol: Communications for easy generic interoperability
  • Batch Utilities: String manipulators, Pulse generators, Set inputs/outputs, Tracers
  • System: Process level integration, Process control, Service monitor

Benefits of Connected Manufacturing

Planning & Scheduling

Production Management

Inventory & Shipping Tracker

Quality Analysis

Common Integrations

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