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MOM 360™

Composable enterprise MES/MOM software platform

More Agility and Flexibility for Manufacturing Operations Management

Traditional MES/MOM can be characterized as significant cost and long implementations with little flexibility to adapt. Data silos emerge across plants as different manufacturing execution platforms are used for discrete, batch and process – increasing the complexity and cost for standardization, retroactive governance and technical integration. Learnings are trapped with no shared insights, enterprise continuous improvement is difficult with lack of agility.

OT teams need manufacturing operations management software that provides:

  • Agile MES deployment & optimizations
  • Enterprise benchmarking
  • Actionable insights in real time
  • Standardization and compliance

A New Way of Working:

SymphonyAI Industrial’s MOM 360

Built on a composable, workflow-driven application architecture which enables organizations to turn on and implement only the operational processes they need, thus reducing the time-to-value as compared to traditional MES solutions. Symphony’s manufacturing operations management solution includes:

  • Low-Code LibraryPre-built library of thousands of processes (shipping/receiving, quality execution), hundreds of connectors (ERP, PLC, Sensors), and MOM applications.
  • Composable MOM – Low code, drag & drop visual workflow-based application composer; enables rapid deployment with pre-built MES & Plant Operations applications, as well as configuring/deploying new solutions using our low-code library to your site’s specific needs.
  • Enterprise MOM – Our Enterprise Management capability empowers operations management to rapidly deploy applications across your fleet of plants – leveraging our Enterprise Application Library providing governance and speed. Enterprise Manufacturing Operations Insights enable benchmarking to drive best in class operational productivity.
  • AI Continuous Improvement – Employing multivariate analysis to optimize production processes, maintaining the “golden batch” with near real-time set point advisories.

Functions provided by MOM 360

Manufacturing Execution

A suite of MES applications that transform inputs items or raw materials to finished goods. All processes in this suite of manufacturing execution system applications can act in conjunction to ensure highest level of quality with high throughput. Via the connector framework, these apps connect with your assets, sensors, Distributed Control Systems (DCS) as well as your ERP, PLM and Scheduling systems to orchestrate optimal manufacturing across all lines. With this suite, manufacturers can progressively implement production management and quality management in an agile fashion to achieve rapid time to value. Once standardized, the solution can be rolled out to multiple facilities across the enterprise.

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Plant Operations

A suite of operations management applications that supports all functions in any site across your manufacturing organization, regardless of the MES system you have in place. For a plant to operate at optimal levels, many maintenance and support activities need to be performed on a regular basis ranging from maintenance of assets, shipping and receiving of materials, inventory management, lab data management, sample management and advanced planning. Via our connector framework, the apps can connect with assets such as sensors and weight scales, as well as CMMS, Inventory (ERP), LIMS, safety systems and other industrial alerting systems. With this suite, manufacturers can progressively implement operations management in an agile fashion to achieve rapid time to value. Once standardized, the solution can be rolled out to multiple facilities across the enterprise.

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MOM 360 Architecture

With hundreds of connectors, processes and recipes in our low-code library, MOM 360 integration services provide easy connections to back-office enterprise systems and manufacturing floor assets.

Platform Integrations

The Composable Advantage

The composable architecture of MOM 360 is the “secret sauce” our customers use to develop and deploy standardized manufacturing operations management applications across lines or plants, without inviting chaos.

  • No Rip & Replace: Smart connectors, protocols, data model and associated actions enable customers to leverage current investments in technology
  • Operations-driven Deployments: Configure manufacturing operations solutions from a repository of pre-built components, compatible and interoperable with IT standards
  • Multi-site and Enterprise Ready: Aggregation of site data provides the manufacturing intelligence for configuration of enterprise dashboards, AI data modeling and more. Centralized governance of library artifacts and change control ensure standardized operations and harmonized data at the origin
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Enterprise Deployment with MOM 360

Guiding the Connected Worker

A platform to create and manage digital inspections, checklists and guided work instructions. Users can easily build and deploy a myriad of workflows from operations to inspection to maintenance procedures which are delivered through tablets and glasses. Workflow branching capability enables handling even the most complex manufacturing processes.

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Work Instructions  Digital Inspections 

Eureka Platform

Industrial AI

Eureka is an industrial domain specific, secure, flexible, and performant AI platform. The platform is available on the cloud, in a private data center, or entirely on-premises. It leverages proven open-source technologies along with proprietary components that are built to tackle the unique challenges of industrial data. It includes tools for administration and automation of data ingestion, contextualization, and pre-processing.

The platform is capable of aggregation and processing of a variety of data types (time-series, text, images, etc.) through big-data enabled analytics engines. The insights delivered by these AI-driven analytics is visualized by our native applications in the Predictive Portal but can also be funneled to other visualization software through our rich REST API. In addition, the Digital Twin Studio is available to rapidly create custom analytics and deploy them on the platform.

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Digital Twin Studio

No-code UI-driven Workbench

Seamlessly integrate and process data, train, validate and deploy models to production and maintain them over their lifecycle. Operations teams can setup experiments and quickly navigate through the process of model development using drop down menus and visualize results in different ways before finalizing the model for production deployment. Subsequently, a user can setup jobs for online scoring as well as re-training of the models.

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