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EurekaAI Industrial Platform

Integrate data, provide context, apply analytics, visualize, generate recommendations and act on the insights.

Artificial Intelligence Optimized Performance

All our offerings run on the secure, scalable, flexible, and performant EurekaAI Industrial Platform. The platform is available on the cloud, in a private data center, edge network or entirely on-premise. It leverages proven open-source technologies along with proprietary components that are built to tackle the unique challenges of industrial data. The EurekaAI Industrial Platform features easy connectivity options to most industrial IT/OT systems that include historians, controllers, and enterprise software systems such as SAP, IBM, Oracle, etc. It also includes tools for administration and automation of data ingestion, contextualization & pre-processing.

The platform is capable of aggregation and processing of a variety of data types (time-series, text, images, etc.) through big-data enabled analytics engines. The insights delivered by these AI-driven analytics is visualized by our native applications but can also be funneled to other visualization software through our rich REST API. In addition, a digital twin workbench is available to rapidly create custom analytics and deploy them on the platform.

SymphonyAI Industrial's Multi Layered Platform

Platform Features

Data Ingestion & Transformation

  • Integration to disparate OT & IT data sources
    • Integration to common industrial data sources e.g. IP21, PI, Wonderware historian, Honeywell PHD, Oracle, SAP, IBM
  • Contextualization of data
    • Metadata model that supports industrial concepts – equipment/asset, tags/channels, hierarchy, units, etc.
  • API Gateway
    • REST APIs for operations related to all features.
  • Scalable data persistence layer
    • Scalable time series, log data and metadata

Data Access & Visualization

  • Analytics
    • Analytic execution engines (in-stream & batch)
    • Data pre-processing (quality, cleansing)
    • Pre-built FMEA templates
  • Digital Twin Studio / Analytic Workbench
    • On-demand data analyses and new analytic creation tools
  • Visualization
    • Web-based native Interfaces
    • APIs for BI tools (Power BI, Tableau)
  • Alert Management
    • Real-time alerting & notifications on various channels (UI, email, text etc.)

AI Model Studio

  • Modern authorization and authentication system
    • Supports native auth and federated login (e.g. customer AD) using standards such as OpenID Connect, SAML.
  • Containerized and highly scalable
    • Kubernetes & docker based container deployments for all backend services
  • Application configurator / Self-Service
    • Supports configuration of asset and analytic metadata, alerts, and dashboard options
  • Centralized logging & monitoring
    • Real-time dashboards for VMs, DBs, applications, analytics with Elastic Search capability in logs

Use our digital twin studio to build and publish models in a no-code manner. Choose from our library of templates to extend and fit to your needs, train and deploy in one go.

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