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KPI 360™

Actionable operating insight from shop-floor to top-floor

KPI 360

KPI 360 is a solution that helps companies get a single view of all operations using real-time data from a multitude of sources. Users can quickly monitor their KPIs in real-time through alerts, notifications, flexible visualizations, and a range of analytics out of the box. With no need to for large projects to aggregate data, define KPIs, build visualizations, or configure dashboards, it sets up in minutes. It’s estimated that as much as 98% of industrial data remains unutilized due to lack of intelligent automated process that can harness the data at scale and deliver timely insights to drive actions for continuous value creation.

KPI 360 performs the following:

  • Loads pre-built KPIs for your specific industry, vertical, problem, and even asset classes
  • Utilizes a no-code, visual builder interface that allows for user-defined KPIs
  • Visualizes KPIs with graphs, using a flexible and extensible system
  • Creates dashboards and reports that can be quickly produced, shared, and templated
  • Leverages our proprietary domain knowledge engine, using physics, thermodynamics, and AI

Advanced Industrial Analytics

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Driver Tree Detail
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Watch a 3 Minute KPI 360 Overview

Watch a quick demo video on KPI 360, featuring Sudeep Gowrishankar, SymphonyAI Industrial's Global Product Manager - AI & Analytics.

KPI 360 Architecture


  • Data Acquisition - Connectors to a wide-range of data acquisition systems and an efficient data management system capable of streaming and batch analytics
  • Data Pre-processing - Automated de-noising, imputation and contextualization using advanced ML algorithms
  • Templatized Pre-built KPIs – KPI definitions and visualizations out of the box built using decades of industrial experience
  • Custom KPIs and Analytics – Bring your own KPIs and analytics and easily add them into KPI 360 to work in stream
  • KPI Graphs – Easily identify contributors to KPIs using physics, thermodynamics, and AI-based analysis through a visual graph view
  • Alerting – Get notified when KPIs trend towards undesirable regions and notify anyone in your organization immediately
  • Domain Knowledge Engines Embedded – Proprietary domain knowledge engines provide a solid grounding in fundamentals for all KPIs
  • Customizable Visualizations – Add, remove, configure, style, or share beautiful visualizations without a single line of code
  • MLOps, Continuous integration, continuous deployment – No resource drain for end-users or IT staff to keep up with new releases and feature enhancements
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