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Manufacturing Execution

MES Software Application

Empower your People, Process and Data to Perform at Peak

Operations managers have always been tasked to get the most from their people and machinery. The promises of MES software to help you accomplish that often fall short, and in many cases, can overcomplicate your processes.

Your data is siloed.  Purpose-built tools for work instructions, machine data, compliance etc. leave your team hopping from system to system to manage a single process.

Dashboards don’t solve problems. Even when data is rolled-up and monitored, analysis and action still need to take place.

SOPs don’t work. High worker turnover and shortages slow you down and bring inconsistency with little accountability.

You have more digital tools than ever, but do you have control of your processes? Operations manager need an MES solution that enables:

  • Fast recovery from stoppages
  • Consistent productivity and quality between shifts, lines and plant locations
  • Agile and insightful ways to implement improvements

Meet the MES of the Future

For operations managers who need a streamlined way to manage manufacturing processes, Manufacturing Execution is a suite of applications to improve the efficiency of transforming inputs items or raw materials to finished goods. As a component of our MOM 360™ platform, pre-built applications in this MES software solution can act in conjunction to ensure the highest level of quality with high throughput.

Composable Functions

Recipe Management

Manage machine settings for production lines including automated recipe selection and simplified recipe maintenance.

Work Order Tracking

Real-time status of production and disposition of work orders.

Changeover Management

Manage steps required for changes in machines or lines during as production evolves.

Deviation Tracking

Real-time status of production incidents through resolution.

Sample Management

Using Statistical Process Control (SPC) to measure and monitor production sampling to ensure quality


Corrective and Preventive Actions with situational triggers to guide employee reactions to emergent conditions.

How it works:

Via the connector framework, choose from a library of apps ready to connect with your assets, sensors, Distributed Control Systems (DCS) as well as your ERP, PLM and Scheduling systems to orchestrate manufacturing across all lines. With this suite, manufacturers can progressively implement the functionality in an agile fashion to achieve rapid time to value. Once standardized, the solution can be rolled out to multiple facilities across the enterprise.

  • Connect – a library of pre-built connectors make it easier to tie together previously unconnected systems, equipment, sensors, and people. Application-level protocols such as Modbus, OPC-UA, Profinet, DH, HART and dozens of others. Composable architecture standardizes data across connected systems to a single source.
  • Orchestrate – automate workflows and optimize processes across the supply chain. Low-code, drag-and-drop apps enable manufacturers to direct worker actions and automatically interact with machines and other systems to deliver exactly what the operator needs when they need it.
  • Monitor – with connectivity and real-time visibility into operations, manufacturers can anticipate problems on the factory floor and be alerted before a line goes down. IndustrialAI gives plant managers the ability to predict, diagnose and automatically respond to production events.
  • Improve – the key to digital transformation is getting more insight into operations. Standardized, composable data is historized for your systems, and analyzed through our EurekaAI engine.

Workflow Example

AI Enablement

The Manufacturing Execution application feeds into the secure, scalable, flexible, and performant EurekaAI Industrial Platform. The platform is available on the cloud, in a private data center, or entirely on-premise. It leverages proven open-source technologies along with proprietary components that are built to tackle the unique challenges of industrial data.

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