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Plant Operations

Realizing the Connected Plant

Bring Your Plant Operations to the 21st Century

Are you using digital applications for almost all operations, but resort to print outs and paper when performing plant operations?

Gaps in digital capabilities cause breakdown to digital transformation.

Data is in silos and no accuracy of data. For example, Inventory information is not accurate, Shipping and Receiving data is tracked using paper.

Supply chain is digitized, Manufacturing is digitized, but other operations are performed using pen and paper.

Bring your plant operations to the 21st century.

  • Gaps in the digital capabilities lead to lack of information and causes a breakdown of digital transformation
  • Valuable time is wasted retrieving paper records, or hand entering them into a system of record
  • Production schedules and customer lead times can be affected

The Connected Plant

Use Symphony’s Plant Operations to lead to connected plant operations.

  • All functions required for connected plant operations
  • Integrate inventory, shipping and receiving into your production schedule
  • Simple, modular setup and configuration
  • Use-friendly UX tailored for the Operators
  • Use PCs, tablets, smartphones or HMI for interface
  • Connect with most common systems in your landscape (ERP, MES, etc.)
  • Use either cloud-based offering or host it in your site
  • Extend the functions with Symphony's Digital Platform to customize your business
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability for multiple plant locations

Eureka AI Platform

The Plant Operations solution runs on the secure, scalable, flexible, and performant EurekaAI Industrial Platform. The platform is available on the cloud, in a private data center, or entirely on-premise. It leverages proven open-source technologies along with proprietary components that are built to tackle the unique challenges of industrial data.

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