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Plant Operations

Realizing the Connected Plant

Bring Your Plant Operations to the 21st Century

Are you using digital applications for almost all operations, but resort to print outs and paper when performing plant operations?

Gaps in digital capabilities cause breakdown to digital transformation.

Data is in silos and no accuracy of data. For example, Inventory information is not accurate, Shipping and Receiving data is tracked using paper.

Supply chain is digitized, Manufacturing is digitized, but other operations are performed using pen and paper.

Bring your plant operations to the 21st century.

  • Gaps in the digital capabilities lead to lack of information and causes a breakdown of digital transformation
  • Valuable time is wasted retrieving paper records, or hand entering them into a system of record
  • Production schedules and customer lead times can be affected

Realizing the Connected Plant

Plant Operations is a suite of applications that supports all functions in any plant across your enterprise regardless of the MES software you have in place. For a plant to operate at optimal levels, many maintenance and support activities need to be performed on a regular basis ranging from maintenance of assets, shipping and receiving of materials, inventory execution and inventory counting, lab data management, sample management and enterprise OEE.

Composable Functions

Material Tracking

Verify the correct materials are processed at the appropriate station


Inventory Execution

Automatically update inventory data to ensure accuracy

Shipping & Receiving

At-a-glance indication of incoming shipment, available inventory, and completeness of preparation

Lot Inspection

Providing consumer authentication and the ability to conduct more accurate recalls

Maintenance Management

Compare actual tool life to standard (expected) life and establish a preventative maintenance schedule


Reporting against historic and/or expected results including unit cycle time and conformance to schedule

How it works:

Via our connector framework, the apps can connect with sensors, weight scales, assets as well as other systems like CMMS, Inventory (ERP), LIMS, safety systems and other industrial alerting systems as needed. As a component of the MOM 360™ Platform, manufacturers can progressively implement the functionality in an agile fashion to achieve rapid time to value. Once standardized, the solution can be rolled out to multiple facilities across the enterprise.

  • Connect – A library of pre-built connectors easily tie together unconnected systems, equipment, sensors and manual tasks. standardizing data to a single source
  • Orchestrate - Low-code, drag-and-drop apps to coordinate worker actions with automated tasks
  • Monitor - Full visibility into operations so Plant Managers can predict, diagnose and respond to events before they impact production
  • Improve – The key to digital transformation is getting more insight into operations. Standardized, composable data is historized for your systems, and analyzed through our EurekaAI engine.

AI Enablement

The Plant Operations solution runs on the secure, scalable, flexible, and performant EurekaAI Industrial Platform. The platform is available on the cloud, in a private data center, or entirely on-premise. It leverages proven open-source technologies along with proprietary components that are built to tackle the unique challenges of industrial data.

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