May 11th

AI in Manufacturing: Production Execution

At SymphonyAI Industrial, we offer an innovative AI-embedded Product Execution capability from our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offering for discrete, process and analytical manufacturing industries. In this webinar we will use a discrete manufacturing example and cover the production manager, operator, maintenance technician and quality control personas. Additionally, highlight the ease of integrating our MES with Level 2 and Level 4 systems as well as measure and optimize the Key Performance Indicators using AI-embedded analytics.

Panelists: Srinivas Kuppa - Chief Strategy Officer
Domenic Busa - Pre-Sales Engineer

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May 25th

Moving from SPC to AI-based Process Automation

This webinar focuses on the approach for enhancing the plant performance through process automation using AI based deep state space models (moving away from if/else rules) in combination with optimization for process control.

Panelist: Bhasker Keely - Senior Principal Data Scientist
Department: Product Development

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