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AI in Manufacturing: Production Execution

May 11, 2022

Production Execution Management is the fundamental process on a manufacturing shopfloor control. All activities ranging from supply chain and inventory management to production planning and quality control play a supporting role in helping companies deliver quality products with efficiency. Manufacturers are challenged with achieving efficient production runs, quality control, access connectivity, automation, and efficient resource utilization.
At SymphonyAI Industrial, we offer an innovative AI-embedded Product Execution capability from our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offering for discrete, process and analytical manufacturing industries. In this webinar we will use a discrete manufacturing example and cover the production manager, operator, maintenance technician and quality control personas. Additionally, highlight the ease of integrating our MES with Level 2 and Level 4 systems as well as measure and optimize the Key Performance Indicators using AI-embedded analytics.

Panelists: Srinivas Kuppa - Chief Strategy Officer
Domenic Busa - Pre-Sales Engineer

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