AI-powered Digital Twin with self-learning neural networks, predictive analytics, and future modeling for enhanced insights and process optimization

Creating accurate virtual replica of physical objects, assets, and systems boosts productivity, streamlines operations, and increases profits.

Improved reliability and availability

Anticipate potential adverse conditions and proactively initiate AI-recommended mitigative actions through digital twins, preventing them from escalating into serious issues.

Data-driven decision making

Enhance your organization’s ability to make data-driven decisions and foster improved transparency and visibility throughout the company.

Optimized process

Achieve real-time process optimization through advanced deep learning-based digital twins, generating setpoint advisories. Balance objectives such as cost, throughput, quality, and emissions while employing scenario planning to consistently attain your desired output.

Manage risk

By adopting a comprehensive perspective encompassing assets and processes, incorporating real-time health assessments, current process statuses, historical incident data, and future forecasts, we empower confident decision-making, whether it’s on the plant floor or in the boardroom.


Connect and contextualize data

Bring data from different sources that have different structures or different time-scales and combine them into a contextualized data fabric using pre-built connectors and asset templates.

Explore and
prepare data

Cleanse, impute, and transform data with no-code exploration and preprocessing tools to prepare the required features for advanced analyses.

Experiment with advanced analysis tools

Use no-code interfaces or notebooks to design and run experiments on your data with the latest advancements in MLOps best-practices.

Deploy and manage model lifecycle

Deploy your models to production, monitor their health, re-train models on a schedule or on-demand, or switch between different models with just a few clicks.

Digital Twin Applications

A SymphonyAI Digital Twin provides value across the data analytics journey – from soft-sensing to data imputation, from component-level early-warning systems to process-level, real-time system optimization. SymphonyAI solutions such as APM 360 and Performance 360 use digital twins as the primary way to assess asset health and risk. Manufacturers save millions of dollars annually in unrealized downtime, maintenance, energy, and scrappage costs across industries, including oil and gas, power, mining, metals, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductors.

Digital Twin Studio

Seamless expansion and accelerated growth of your digital twin with the out-of-the-box Digital Twin Studio

All of your data and asset Management, scaling, and governance needs in a single location. Our centralized control center empowers you to effortlessly deploy, manage, monitor, and govern a wide range of production models, regardless of their origin or deployment points.

Data Exploration
Data pre-processing
Model evaluation
Model deployment

Data Exploration

With its user-friendly, no-code interface, the Digital Twin Studio allows its users to visually explore data, create interactive charts, filter data with mathematical expressions, identify trends and outliers with statistics and machine learning, and extract insights without programming expertise. 

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Data pre-processing

The Digital Twin Studio simplifies the often complex data preparation task. Its no-code tools help users clean industrial data and generate the required features for downstream analysis. Users can handle missing values, standardize formats, and perform feature engineering without writing a single line of code, ensuring that AI models start with the best-quality data.

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Model evaluation

Digital Twin Studio empowers users to train and score AI models effortlessly with its intuitive, no-code interface. Users can easily configure training parameters, select algorithms, and fine-tune model performance without the need for code or complicated infrastructure setup. They can score models against industrial data to measure accuracy and ensure models deliver precise predictive and prescriptive insights for data-driven decision-making.

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Model deployment

Transitioning from AI-model development to real-world applications is seamless with Digital Twin Studio. Its no-code deployment options facilitate integration into industrial systems, making it easy to implement models. Users can monitor performance, update models as needed, and ensure the organization benefits from timely, accurate insights for informed decision-making.

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Data modeling

Take the complexity out of your AI model building process with a no-code user interface that enables domain experts to build, deploy and monitor asset models with little or no programming knowledge.

Preview the Digital Twin Studio

Here is a quick preview of our Digital Twin Studio in action.

Knowledge Graph

Quickly discover patterns and insights across billions of data points deeply and efficiently.

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