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Industrial Large Language Model

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Welcome to a new era of industrial innovation, where manufacturing problem solving, analysis, and reporting for all stakeholders meets the power of generative AI. The groundbreaking Industrial Large Language Model (LLM) transforms industrial systems for enhanced manufacturing, reliability, and process optimization use cases.


The advanced Industrial LLM is designed to revolutionize manufacturing shopfloors. Its industrial domain knowledge makes it a valuable tool for gaining important insights and clear explanations for crucial shopfloor tasks. It has been extensively trained using real historical data and domain expertise, enabling it to offer expert-level insights and reasoning. With this innovative technology, you can confidently and precisely manage the complexities of manufacturing, elevating your operations to new levels of excellence.

Harnessing the power of data

The Industrial LLM is trained on unique datasets encompassing events, sensor data, asset info, component types and classes, workorders, reliability, maintenance, and performance insights. The Industrial LLM unveils simple answers to complex industrial processes and data problems and reveals new insights to help improve operational efficiency and margins by putting contextualized information in the hands of operators for better, faster decision making.

1.2 billion
3 trillion
data points
machine tests
FMEA templates
Asset datasheets and performance curves
Offline data, maintenance logs, and incident and accident reports

The first step to implementing AI for manufacturing

The Industrial LLM can operate independently through an API or accessed through chatbot or role-based copilots. It seamlessly integrates with real-time data sources using a knowledge graph. The Industrial LLM serves as a foundational pillar to deploy revolutionary AI solutions within your ecosystem.

Generative AI Copilots
Knowledge Graph

Generative AI Copilots

Generative AI copilots encompass functions across manufacturing, performance, reliability, maintenance, and connected worker functions within a plant and multi-plant ecosystem to empower them with data-driven insights for faster decision making.

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Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is the intricate weave of insights, information, and expertise that drives informed decision-making. It provides a digital map of your manufacturing process creating a holistic view across machine and non-machine data.

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