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Proactively monitor assets to drive optimal performance and reliability

Achieve optimal asset performance and uptime with the world’s most advanced domain-informed AI analysis and real-time asset health monitoring solution.

Using trusted technology, combined with cutting-edge AI, SymphonyAI Asset Performance Management delivers a robust and scalable way to monitor your industrial asset performance in real-time. It not only predicts issues but also is able to determine root-causes and provide remedial action recommendations.

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A wholistic APM strategy is critical

So far, most companies have failed to unlock the true potential of their data by resorting to solving local problems rather than having a global APM strategy.

This exacerbates the problems of knowledge silos and lack of seamless integration between different data and analytics systems.

Symphony AI’s wholistic APM strategy helps organizations unlock value across the value-chain at scale.

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Industrial Copilot with generative AI

Transform the way you interact with your plant data with the world’s most powerful, most explainable, and most trustworthy Industrial Copilot. Ask questions about any data in your enterprise, generate visualizations, forecasts, inferences, and reports with natural language prompts in your language.

Cutting-edge DataOps and MLOps on the Smart Manufacturing Platform

• Establish a contextualized source-of-truth for IT and OT data across facilities and functions.

• Rapid data contextualization, integration, validation, and governance made easy.

• A complete no-code workbench to empower SMEs to explore, build, validate, deploy, and scale advanced analytics models.

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Verdantix Green Quadrant​

2023 Best Practices Award