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Plant Performance Division

We help asset-intensive companies operate at full potential.

Letter from the CEO

For more than 50 years, SymphonyAI Industrial (SymphonyAI Industrial) customers achieve best-in-class industrial process and asset optimization supported by the world’s most experienced domain experts using the world’s most advanced technology. SymphonyAI Industrial’s origins date back more than 50 years to the inception of technology-enabled industrial asset condition monitoring, pioneered by the US Navy’s aircraft carrier fleet. By the late 1980s, SymphonyAI Industrial software developers had written the first expert systems to automate machine condition analysis, identify failure modes, predict time to failure, and recommend repairs; and by 2010, SymphonyAI Industrial had introduced what remains the only fully integrated, end-to-end solution for industrial process and asset analytics and optimization – from online and handheld data acquisition hardware to cloud hosted diagnostic software, dynamically updated asset data bases, big data applications, and the domain experts to fine tune models and performance.

Throughout that period, the world’s most sophisticated industrial enterprises have become SymphonyAI Industrial customers, and many of the world’s leading industrial optimization experts have become SymphonyAI Industrial employees. As the industrial internet goes mainstream and growing expertise achieves step-change advances in specialties such has low-cost, high performance sensors, and cloud-hosting, SymphonyAI Industrial is partnering with a growing ecosystem of forward-thinking suppliers to maintain the company’s commitment to best-of-breed thinking and technology.

SymphonyAI Industrial Plant Peformance History

IIoT/AI Asset Performance Management & Process Optimization

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Cloud-enabled complete PdM Program Solution

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TRIO® First Modular Data Collector

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Watchman Reliability Portal™

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ExpertALERT™ First Expert Automated Software

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First Commercial Multi-channel Digital Data Collector

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First Triaxial Vibration Sensor

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Aircraft Carrier Contract

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DLI Engineering Corporation Founded


Digital Manufacturing Division

SymphonyAI Industrial digital manufacturing solutions connect devices, processes, people, and systems enabling harmonizing plant automation and control.

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