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AI Summer School • Free of Charge

Three 45 Minute On-Demand Sessions

A better understanding of AI and its relevance in manufacturing operations
Who should attend?
Engineering managers & engineers



Introduction to Machine Learning in Industry

You will learn about applications of Machine Learning in different process industries such as mining, oil & gas, power, chemicals and others. A general overview of Machine Learning topics such as supervised vs unsupervised learning vis-à-vis Clustering, Classification, Regression, Compression and Recommendation systems.


Sudeep Gowrishankar - Product Manager • Product Engineering


Machine Learning and Time-series Modeling

In this course, we will look at practical aspects of Time-series modeling using Machine Learning and see how real-time applications can be built to deliver forecasting, fault prediction and operations optimization solutions.


Sudhanshu Kashyap - Principal Data Scientist • Product Engineering


Machine Learning and Image Analysis

In this course, we will look at how machine learning - particularly convolutional neural networks can be applied to interpret images and other multi-dimensionally dense and high-frequency information to predict asset health and/or process states and material properties.


Arjun Bhattacharyya - VP Product & Operations