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Expert Automated Diagnostics

The Expert System

The SymphonyAI Industrial Expert Automated Diagnostic System (EADS) is considered by industry to be the most advanced automated machinery condition analysis and assessment system available on the market.  The rule-based system delivers critical machinery health information by rapidly screening vibration measurements and applying relevant sets of over 6000 unique rules to identify individual faults in a wide variety of machine types.  The automated machinery condition diagnostic system processes vibration measurements instantly and provides fault diagnosis, fault severity, repair recommendations, and repair priority on each machine.  As a result, the spectral data that may be difficult to interpret manually is reduced to actionable information for condition-based maintenance.

Executive-level actionable information is available in the form of metrics and reports.  The reports are automated and/or produced by analysts who have reviewed the data in-depth, adding valuable insights and historical analysis to the automated diagnostic system output.


Automated Diagnostic Rules:  6000+

Individual Fault Conditions:  1200+

Industrial Machine Types: 40+ (any common machine type can be modeled)

Studies using manual analysis show 98% accuracy given accurate mechanical information and standard test conditions.

Covered Machine Types Include:

    • AC Motor
    • DC Motor
    • VFD Motor
    • Turbine
    • Centrifugal Pump
    • Propeller Pump
    • Rotary Thread Pump
    • Rotary Gear Pump
    • Rotary Screw Pump
    • Rotary Sliding Vane Pump
    • Piston Pump
    • Marine Main Reduction Gear
    • Belt
    • Chain
    • Single Stage Fan
    • Multi Stage Fan
    • Single Stage Centrifugal Compressor
    • Multi Stage Centrifugal Compressor
    • Piston Compressor
    • Screw Compressor
    • Lobed Blower
    • Generator
    • Generator With Exciter
    • Purifier With Clutch
    • Purifier With Belt
    • Flexible Coupling
    • Turbo Charger
    • Single Stage Gearbox
    • Multi Stage Gearbox
    • Machine Tool Spindle
    • Fluid Coupling
    • Two Stroke Diesel Engine
    • Four Stroke Diesel Engine

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