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Virtual Event | 16 - 17 February, 2022

Plant PdM & Process Conference

February 16th Event Schedule - 2 Hours

SymphonyAI Industrial 2022

o Dominic Gallello – CEO, SymphonyAI Industrial

Connected Front Line Worker

o Peter Verstraeten – CEO, Proceedix

Panel Discussion

Making the move to wireless vibration

o Kevin Ivkovich - Vice President, Sales, SymphonyAI Industrial
o Michael DeMaria - Director, Product Management, SymphonyAI Industrial
o Dan Reed - Director, Messer
o Jane Arnold - VP, Global SPS Strategy and
Industry 4.0 Execution, Stanley Black & Decker

Vibration Roadmap

o Michael DeMaria - Director, Product Management
o Steven Hudson - Director, Services

February 17th Event Schedule - 2 Hours

User Panel Discussion

Adding AI based multivariate analysis
to a vibration program

o Arjun Bhattacharya - Vice President, SymphonyAI Industrial
o Amanda Wisinski - Mgr. Incident Management, NRG
o Michael Higgins - Sr. Mgr. Plant Applications, NRG
o Ben Engels – Nippon Gases
o Tim Hunt - Logan Aluminum

Eureka IIOT Platform
and Applications

- APM 360 Capabilities & Roadmap
- Performance 360 Capabilities & Roadmap

o Arjun Bhattacharya - Vice President, SymphonyAI Industrial
o Sudeep Gowrishankar, Product Manager, SymphonyAI Industrial
o Pujan Ghelani, Product Engineer, SymphonyAI Industrial

Panel Discussion

AI based process optimization to compliment the
Advanced Process Controller

o Sudhanshu Kashyap – Principal Data Scientist, SymphonyAI Industrial
o Prashant Srinivasan – Director, AI Products &
Applications, SymphonyAI Industrial
o Tripureswar Chattopadhaya, Ma’aden Gold
o Sulman Haque - Manufacturing Analytics,
Owens Corning

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User Awards
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