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Automated Vibration Analysis

Scalable, automated predictive analytics for accurate and actionable diagnostic repair planning.

Watchman 360™

Get prioritized actionable insights with the most advanced automated diagnostic engine on the market. Seamlessly screen thousands of machine tests through an in-depth library of derived fault conditions to understand the health of your assets, the corrective actions required, and the overall risk to production.  All through a simple user interface which utilizes existing technicians and operators or permanently installed data collection, sending the data to the analysts for the most robust and efficient condition monitoring program available.

The Result?

Plain-language, actionable insights into machinery health with advance notice so work can be planned, and interruptions avoided.

Program Includes

  • Portable or permanently installed, high-quality data acquisition devices
  • Wired or wireless acquisition hardware
  • Expert Automated Diagnostic System analysis
  • End-to-end communication methods from plant floor to all decision makers
  • Machine health models to rapidly setup asset for automated diagnostics
  • Delivery of plant results, including business level metrics
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