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Delivers insights into asset health and reliability, performance, and optimization.


PredictivePortal delivers results, metrics, and vibration data for asset health as well as process data for SymphonyAI Industrial ’s Watchman 360™, APM 360™, and Performance 360™ platforms into single interface.

Action Based Design

PredictivePortal allows all users to customize their own experience, narrowing enterprise or plant content focus to just the plants, areas or processes of interest.  PredictivePortal is a self-service platform.  With actionable insights, you are in control of the health of your plant. The action-based design of this portal is to engage users with what is important, enabling a simple workflow from alerting new identified faults conditions, apparent causes, tracking advisories and recommended actions through work completion. All with a direct feedback loop to your dedicated analysts.

Beyond Vibration Analysis

Integrate process data into your predictive maintenance program to make more informed decisions. Understand asset health along with your existing system process data to effect real change to improve uptime, throughput and yield. Be alerted to predictions in asset health, system performance, or plant utilization through AI-driven models and fault predictions.

Anytime, anywhere views into your asset health and plant performance the PredictivePortal is a dynamic site, designed to get more decision makers involved in your program.

Monitor program and data acquisition performance.
Quickly view plant health with machine summary reports.
Clear presentation of machine fault diagnostics and analyst comments.
Track machine health and fault progression over time.
Easily access infrared thermography, oil analysis, motor, battery and other analysis reports.
View online system automated and reviewed diagnostic results.
Get alerts and notification to changing conditions.

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