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Vibration Data Acquisition Devices

Data capture for accurate predictive analytics.

Walk-around devices

Take the data to the analyst and keep the analytical staff highly utilized in their skill.

TRIO® vibration data collectors (formerly by Azima DLI) and field analyzers are advanced vibration collection devices, but simple enough to place into the hands of everyday operators and field technicians.  No need to be an analyst to gather quality, high-resolution data.

What you get with TRIO®

TRIO is ergonomically designed and uses Bluetooth® to wirelessly connect the Windows tablet controller to the data acquisition device, providing comfort and efficiency when performing vibration data collection. Modular design lowers the overall cost of ownership. 

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  • Complete Machine History In-Field
  • 4 Simultaneous Channels Plus Dedicated Tachometer
  • Included Triaxial Accelerometer
  • Inexpensive Hardware Replacement
  • Routine and Advanced Vibration Measurements
  • Simple User-Interface
  • Balance and Real Time Analyzer Options
  • Various Carrying Options
  • HAZLOC certification optional

TRIO offers key benefits for your maintenance program


Different sizes of tablet vibration data collectors to meet your needs


TRIO controller can operate at safe distances giving distance between the operator and rotating machinery with Bluetooth®


Four simultaneous channels of vibration data plus dedicated tachometer provide advanced data acquisition


Expert automated diagnostic integration delivers solutions to managers and other decision makers


An industrial Hazardous-Location-rated tablet PC.  These are selected from top of the line 64-bit Win10 tablet manufacturers and vetted by our customers for performance in industrial environments.  These tablets have long battery life and come with 8 or 10-inch, high-resolution, touch-screens that work in gloved or wet environments.   The controller is programmed with user-friendly applications for easy routine route-based data collection, balancing, troubleshooting, and advanced signal analysis.


Our proprietary signal capture device.  This custom engineered device has 4 dynamic input channels for vibration signal sampling, and another input to accommodate a tachometer for speed tests, balancing and advanced testing like runups and coast downs. Download Spec Sheet >>

    • 4 input channels – used for accelerometer or other sensor inputs
    • provides ICP power for standard industrial accelerometers and can be configured to measure signals from proximity probes or any signal source in the range of +/- 10VDC.
    • Tachometer channel
Data sampling rates:
    • The DP2 has 22 selectable sampling rates from 64hz to 102,400Hz and spectra with lines of resolution up to 25,600 lines. Supports long time captures for impact demod and our other decimation algorithms useful for slow speed machinery analytics.
    • Designed for 8 hours of continuous data capture operations
    • The DP-2 talks to the controller tablet using Bluetooth. This allows for safety and flexibility in the field.   USB cable communications is also an option.

Online devices

Unmanned automated programmed data acquisition with advanced automated diagnostic for early fault prediction. These devices operate 24×7 and deliver high resolution precision data that can be relied on for routine and emergent machinery maintenance and monitoring issues.

i400 – 4+4 channels, wired or wireless acquisition

The i400 is a wireless network device which can acquire 4 simultaneous ICP Accelerometer channels of dynamic vibration data plus 4 additional multiplexed DC signals for process parameters. Powered either from a 10-30V DC supply or internal batteries. On battery power, acquisition is managed by the software to maximize battery life. Requires Wireless 802.11 standard network connection.

Download Spec Sheet >>

i800 – 8+8 channels, wired or wireless acquisition

The i800 is an 8-channel network device which can acquire 8 channels of ICP driven vibration data in simultaneous banks of 3 and measure 8 DC signals collected one channel at a time for process parameters. The i800 can be battery operated or connected to a power source. One-year battery life at twice-per-day data acquisition. The i800 is enclosed in a compact and rugged, IP-66 rated enclosure. Other enclosures are available for custom applications. Supports ethernet and Wireless 802.11 standard network connections.

Download Spec Sheet >>

i1600 – 16 multiplexed channels, wired acquisition

i1600 – A vibration and process data acquisition device which communicates using a standard Ethernet interface. It has 16 multiplexed analog inputs, which means it can be connected to as many as sixteen individual ICP accelerometers with data acquired one channel at a time.  i1600s communicate via a standard 10BaseT Ethernet interface and support UDP/IP. Each is housed in an IP-66 rated NEMA 4 enclosure with a power supply.

Download Spec Sheet >>


TRIO comes with a multipurpose customized 3-axis accelerometer and optional adapter cables to connect to junction boxes, buffered outputs from protection panels, and single channel data output devices like ultrasonic sensors.  We offer an optional “prox box” device powered by the ICP that protects monitored devices like buffered outputs.

This system stands alone as a complete condition monitoring package.  It is capable of doing easy programmed data capture, does complete data storage and analysis on board and transfer to cloud, offers full automated diagnostics on a large variety of machinery, and even provides in-depth analysis and troubleshooting for professional vibration experts.

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