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Wireless Vibration Sensors

High Frequency for Prediction & Prescription.

Watchman AIR™

Understand the health of your machines with actionable diagnostics

The future of Predictive Maintenance is here. Watchman Air includes the Accel 310™ high-resolution wireless vibration system allowing you to monitor your machines 24x7 with hourly summaries and daily diagnostic analysis. With sophisticated AI and the world's largest machine condition database, accurate baselines and component definitions are easy to establish. And backed by the reliable Expert Automated Diagnostic System, users gain a full understanding of emerging faults and prioritized repair action recommendations alongside asset, plant, and corporate health scores delivered through the PredictivePortal™.

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Wireless Data Flow

Watchman AIR™ Awards

SymphonyAI Industrial ’s Watchman AIR™ earned the Gold for Product of the Year in 2021 from Oil & Gas Engineering in the asset management software category. Watchman AIR™ also received the most votes from plant engineers, managers and maintenance professionals to win the 2021 Engineers' Choice Awards - Grand Winner. it is the highest award that a product can receive from Plant Engineering.

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Accel™ 310 Wireless Sensor

  • High Resolution Vibration: Sample rate of 26.7kHz,detectable FFT to 10kHz,and Impact Demod capabilities, this high-resolution sensor is over 10 times the resolution of most wireless sensors on the market and can identify early bearing faults similar to the portable collectors.  High resolution data allows predicting failure months in advance—not hours or days like many of the low-resolution sensors out there.
  • Simple Installation and Setup: Power it up and the sensor searches for a gateway and automatically connects to the PredictivePortal.  Select the asset location from a smartphone or from the PredictivePortal and the Eureka AI platform will use it’s robust database library of millions of machine tests to start its training.
  • Hourly Temperature and Overalls: Keep an eye on your assets in-between the detailed diagnostics.  Watch trends, trigger notifications, stay informed of asset operations.

Accel™ 310 Gateway

  • WirepasMesh NetworkAlways adapts to ensure best possible path from sensor to cloud, providing a reliable means of communicating across your wireless program.
  • IT Friendly: Ethernet and WIFI allows IT departments to easily configure and connect the Accel 310 through their network to the Eureka AI cloud or use a cellular SIM card to completely bypass the network and connect straight to the cloud.
  • Standard and Industrial options: Gateways are available in IP20 format for the simple installation in clean plants and IP66/IP67 for harsher, industrial environments.

Why Mesh?

A Wirepas Mesh Network allows for a significant increase in range and self-healing capability—completely different from other mesh networks, wifi or Bluetooth. Each gateway and sensor can support up to 14 direct connections, but the real value is the scalability and network planning; Improving connection reliability, easing the requirements for gateway installation as your program grows. reliability, easing the requirements for gateway installation, and easily expand as your program grows.

PredictivePortal Dashboard

Remotely monitor your assets from anywhere in the world with PredictivePortal.

Log in from your internet browser to view a calculated Health Score for every asset, group of assets, plant, or enterprise. From CEO down to the Asset Manager, and everyone in between, be alerted to emerging faults, risks to production, assigned prioritized actions, and business metrics. For wireless sensors, user can quickly see the health and status of each sensor and gateway to ensure your system is operational and healthy.

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Return on Investment

10x+ ROI

Return on investment in as little as 2 months

30% Increase in Plant Uptime

Reduce unexpected machine failures and increase plant uptime

Reduce Maintenance Costs by 50%

Predict failure months in advance to take care of issues when they first start

Improve Safety by 14%

You are 10 times more likely to get injured in an emergency maintenance procedure then in a planned maintenance procedure.

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