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APM 360™ Benefits

Why Choose APM 360™

Peak Industrial Performance

APM 360™ leverages machine-learning based on artificial intelligence to detect
anomalies and take into account complex, dynamic behavioral machinery patterns and contextual data relating to the manufacturing process at large.

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Our customers benefit from:

Time & Cost Savings

Time & Cost reduction through predictive maintenance.

Incomparable Accuracy

Greater accuracy in predicting an asset’s remaining useful life by creating conditions that improve asset performance while maintaining its health.

Quality Control

Improved quality control and safety conditions.

APM 360™ Top Features

What makes APM 360 unique is the breadth of the asset template library, its ability to use asset data from several sources, and its open platform approach. While other APM solutions use only one type of AI algorithm to identify an asset failure, APM 360 uses six different algorithms in a layered approach.

  • Pre-built asset templates - Templatized asset model setup with pre-built templates for 80% of industrial equipment
  • Out-of-the-box KPIs and analytics - Out of the box KPIs and analytics for 80% of common industrial equipment
  • Real-time monitoring - Real time monitoring of assets with KPIs, health scores, alerts & notifications
  • Domain-informed AI - AI built with deep industrial domain knowledge
  • Anomaly detection and prediction - Automated anomaly and pre-cursor detection using AI
  • Apparent cause detection - FMEA-based cause detection to explain AI model output
  • Mitigative/diagnostic action recommendation - Action recommendations based on FMEA
  • Automatic AI model re-training - Low maintenance of AI models due to automated re-training
  • Blend of process & high-frequency vibration datasets for high fidelity analysis
  • Scenario (what-if) analysis - What-if analysis to help plan action based on predicted outcomes
  • Connectors to all common industrial IT/OT systems such as historians, DCS, CMMS, EAM
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