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Performance 360™ Benefits

Why Choose Performance 360™

Peak Industrial Performance

While other solutions promote their ability to configure assets and use process templates, Performance 360™ is a unique product that optimizes process manufacturing by working with modern, advanced process control and real-time optimization systems.

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Our customers benefit from:

Real-time Guidance

Real-time guidance resulting in reduced variability (e.g. , manual operators, temperature, setpoints, input settings).

Incomparable Accuracy

Incomparable accuracy due to adaptive Machine Learning driving the loss function down.

Online Monitoring

Online, process-wide monitoring creates earlier warnings of process trips and bad actor identification. Combined with a calculated course of correction means minimal unplanned outages and reduced costs.

Performance 360™ Top Features

With Performance 360™, companies can reach the ultimate goal of self-optimizing operations where the factory continuously adapts to demand, variations in supply, process deviations, and human factors.

  • Pre-built modular process templates - Templatized model setup using modular asset models
  • Out-of-the-box KPIs and analytics for 80% of common industrial equipment
  • Real-time process monitoring of process parameters - KPIs, health scores, alerts & notifications
  • Anomaly detection and prediction - Automated anomaly and pre-cursor detection using AI
  • Process forecast - Process forecast for predictive early-warning
  • Soft-sensing - Soft-sensing of critical process parameters in real-time
  • Process optimization - Real-time process optimization advisories
  • Automatic AI model re-training for anomaly detection, forecasts, soft-sensors, and analytics
  • Scenario (what-if) analysis - What-if analysis to help plan action based on predicted outcomes
  • Connectors to industrial IT/OT systems such as historians, DCS, CMMS, EAM
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