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Watchman 360™

Watchman 360’s sophisticated rule base methodology extends beyond simple monitoring of alarms on peaks or spectral bands. Our test-point variation feature captures and compares complex patterns detected from the entire set of locations on your machine. By using this machine-specific baseline data, Watchman 360 becomes a highly accurate, automated diagnostic system.

Performance 360™

Performance 360 is an all-inclusive process performance management solution that combines process condition insights, performance metrics, and process history. Unlike other solutions, it uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to predict how a process will perform in the future, and identify potential process disruptions, quality issues, and trip conditions.

APM 360™

APM 360 is a cloud-based asset performance management solution that covers overall asset health, real-time condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance. But, unlike other APM solutions, it drives more value by recommending specific actions – accurately. APM 360 leverages machine-learning based on artificial intelligence to detect anomalies and take into account complex, dynamic behavioral machinery patterns and contextual data relating to the manufacturing process at large.

APM Data 360™

APM Data 360™ by Symphony Industrial AI is an asset benchmarking data lake for rotating machines. Based on 25+ years of asset performance, vibration, fault, and repair data, our solution includes analytics tools to help you quickly and easily spot trends and patterns. APM Data 360 offers the flexibility to add your data streams to the data lake as well as let you use other analytic tools or code your own for custom views.
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