Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

Article | 5 Apr 2021

The major benefit of predictive maintenance of industrial mechanical equipment is increased plant readiness due to greater reliability of the equipment. The trending over time of developing faults in machines can be carefully done so as to plan maintenance operations to coincide with scheduled shutdowns. Many industries report from two to ten percent productivity increases due to predictive maintenance practices. Similar percentages of increased mission readiness are expected in shipboard systems.

Another benefit of predictive maintenance is reduced expenditures for spare parts and labor. Machines that fail while in service often cost ten times as much to repair than if the repair were anticipated and scheduled.

A great many new machines fail soon after startup due to built-in defects or improper installation. Predictive techniques can be used to assure proper alignment and overall integrity of the installed machine when first brought into service. Many plants base the acceptance of new machine installations on a clean bill of health as determined by vibration measurements.

Predictive maintenance reduces the likelihood of a machine experiencing a catastrophic failure, and this results in an improvement in worker safety. There have been many cases of bodily injury and even death due to sudden machine failures.

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