Helping Philips Lighting enter the Industry 4.0 era

White paper | 12 Mar 2016

With the ambition of becoming the sole conventional lighting manufacturing plant network in the world, Philips Lighting was looking for new ways to work as efficiently as possible to help the company enter the Industry 4.0 evolution. PwC, together with Proceedix, proposed a solution using a smartphone and tablet featuring the Proceedix solution, that allows Philips Lighting’s utility operators to carry out required preventative maintenance tasks.

The app enables the operators to manage daily and weekly tasks easily and simply for all machine processes, including distribution of gases, production of compressed air, vacuum machines, cooling systems, air and water purification. All procedures and checklists are comprised in the Proceedix solution. It is extremely easy to use and is quick to react. Photos or videos of malfunctions or other issues can be taken on the spot, using the tablet or smartphone, to be attached to the subsequent report. Highly intuitive for all users, no training has been required to use the app and its introduction has been extremely smooth.

Philips Lighting has calculated that it has made a noteworthy 6% saving in total utilities maintenance costs at the Turnhout facility as a result of the wearables solution.