Major themes in enterprises wearables today: New Realism

Blog | 18 Oct 2016

Best practice: Be realistic about what is right for your industry and your business, as well as the technology’s current capabilities and limitations

Step one, according to AGCO’s Peggy Gulick: “Focus on finding that one area of your business where [the wearable] will prove valuable.” She was referring to smart glasses, which she called “a niche tool” that may not make sense in some areas of your business or workplace. Speaking from personal experience in the AGCO Jackson, MN plant she said, “Wearables are not the right solution for everywhere in the plant. There are certain areas where workers don’t have to move around as much, or the tablets they already use are very accessible. A ring scanner is often more efficient and comfortable than headwear. The goal is to use multiple tools and have those [devices] ‘talk’ to each other and really augment behavior. But it’s not going to be the same tool everywhere.”