MLC-AGCO plant tour

Blog | 14 Apr 2017

Proceedix present at the manufacturing leadership council

We were happy to receive an invitation from Peggy Gulick, Director Business Process Improvement at AGCO, to visit the Jackson, MN plant, and participate in a panel discussion during the Manufacturing Leadership Council event last week. The MLC unites executives from various verticals such as the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, high-tech, etc. industry. AGCO, global leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural equipment, welcomed Members of the Council at their plant for a 1-day event around manufacturing 4.0, and hosted a plant tour and a panel discussion.

We kicked off the day with a plant tour of the Jackson facility, where tractors and application equipment are made. We had the chance to witness how the AGCO crew uses mobile devices and wearables such as Google Glass for training purposes and on-the-job applications.

For assembly and final factory inspections on the shop floor, AGCO operators use Google Glass. They chose to work with Google Glass over other devices because of the fact that vision (and thus safety) is not compromised, and that Glass is non-tethered. Thanks to our Proceedix software, the operators’ instructions are fed step-by-step, eliminating room for error. Basically, they get to do the right thing at the right time. Moreover, they can immediately transfer tasks and launch actions for other technicians, all hands free by wearing the Glass.