Predictive Maintenance - Introduction

Article | 5 Apr 2021

The purpose of this book is to serve as a reference text for the maintenance engineer and technician who are working with state of the art machinery maintenance technology. Broadly speaking, the subject is the principles of vibration theory and analysis as they apply to the determination of machine operating characteristics and deficiencies. The first chapter underscores the importance of vibration analysis in the field of predictive maintenance and root cause failure analysis. The chapters on vibration theory and frequency analysis lay the groundwork for the chapter on machine fault diagnostics based on vibration measurement and analysis. A systematic approach is used here to guide the reader through a logical sequence of steps to determine a machine’s condition by detailed examination of vibration signatures.

Some of the terminology used here may not be familiar to all readers, and for this reason a fairly complete glossary is included as the final chapter. The author wishes to sincerely thank Mr. Peter Bunker, of VIPAC, in Tasmania, for supplying some information in the section on amplitude demodulation.

The author of this book welcomes comments and suggestions from readers.

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