Smart inspections

Video | 3 Oct 2017

Life of an operator or technician inspecting industrial infrastructure, machinery or processes can be hard: lots of paperwork, inaccuracies, discussions and wasted time. Back in the office, a lot of work has to be done to process all the inspection work and make it accessible for all people concerned.

Life of a ‘smart’ inspector looks a lot easier and more efficient.


With Proceedix, you can translate any inspection into a step-by-step guide on your inspector’s cell phone, tablet, watch or smart glasses. You can add useful background information, videos and images to make the inspection more accurate and efficient. The smart inspector himself can add comments, images or videos in real time.

He can verify the correctness of his answers immediately based on historical data. He can call for the assistance of a remote expert and can transfer a specific part of the inspection to a more experienced inspector.

Back in the office, no more paperwork has to be done: all the work of your inspectors is saved in real-time on our Proceedix cloud platform.